<div align="left"> <p style="font-family: verdana, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11px;"> [PLEASE INSTALL FLASH PLAYER TO SEE THE PAGE]<br /><br /> <strong>WEB.SEVEN specializes in the design, building, implementation and management of advanced Internet solutions.</strong><br /> We accomplish this through:<br /> :: interactive business consulting,<br /> :: expertise in user interface design,<br /> :: a strong believe in the usability of our products,<br /> :: applied project management,<br /> :: state of the art technology application. <br /><br /> <strong>Who we are</strong><br /> WEB.SEVEN was founded in 2003 by people who have been pioneering the digital business in Poland since the 90ís. The success relies on the fact that we are both interactive experts and marketers working in an integrated environment combining on-line and off-line solutions into unique value for our clients. Finally we consider digital media as unique opportunity to drive every aspect of customer relationships and brand experience. The offer WEB.SEVEN offers clients a top level interactive expertise of integrated media. With many communication skills at our disposal, we act in a media-neutral way, recommending to our clients what we think is the accurate tool to successfully accomplish a job.<br /><br /> <strong>The clients</strong><br /> We cooperate with regular advertising agencies as well as with digital ones. We also support IT integrators with interactive solutions for their projects. We work with Clients directly only if we are requested, however we do not credit our projects directly. After personal contact, we can present a portfolio as a result of providing blue-chip clients with solutions that integrate best practice standards, technology, and intuitive user-focused design. <br /><br /> </p> </div>